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We recommend a Chartered Accountant based in Split with over 10 years of experience of working with foreign citizens (mostly from the UK).

Why might you need an accountant?

  1. You have a Croatian Company that owns your one property that you used to originally purchase your house. (0-1 Employees) Inclusive On-going Accountancy Services COSTS 1,500 Euros PA including PDV (VAT).
  2. You bought a Company for reason 1 and 2 and now wish to transfer the house as an asset from out of the Company and make the company dormant. Price on application which will require looking at your existing bookkeeping.
  3. Pre-purchase Check. It is advisable to seek an independent assessment of a property before purchase. This report will advise on legality and whether you will have difficulty applying for a rental licence. One Off Service costs 150 Euros including PDV (VAT) plus travel expenses that will be specified prior to taking any action.
  4. Once EU law is implemented you will be rent out your property more easily without need of a company but you still need to keep books and pay Croatian Income Tax. Inclusive On-going Accountancy Services 840 Euros PA including PDV (VAT).
  5. VAT Law change for 2015 season: Non–Resident Landlords in Croatia
    Non-residents in Croatia who rent rooms, beds, apartments and holiday homes to foreign and domestic tourists are now required to register for VAT purposes and to apply for registration of VAT payers and apply for a VAT identification number prior to renting out any accommodation in Croatia. Click here for more information.

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