Croatian Energy Certificate

All Croatian houses bought and sold in Croatia now have to be assessed and have an energy certificate issued, as part of EU regulations. Any property for sale greater than 50 m² has to hold a current energy certificate from 1st January 2014. From this date property sellers will not be allowed to advertise their property without an energy certificate being in place in advance. An Energy certificate is also required for apartments in residential buildings that are less than 50m². Residential and non-residential buildings are classified into eight energy categories from A + to G, with A + marking the most energy efficient and G the least energy efficient. You cannot fail the inspection you would just get the lowest ranking

If your house is on the market it is best to get this paperwork completed as soon as possible because without it your house sale cannot legally complete. Originally, when this legislation was announced, they also said that home owners would be legally obliged to have completed this certification in order to rent out their properties by 1st January 2016.

This was followed by an embarrassing "U" turn on the 18th February 2016 when Minister of Construction and Urban Planning, Lovro Kuščević said:

"In the European Directive it does not state facts about certification of apartments for rent. We have examined the legal structure and the issues thoroughly, and have consulted with the Ministry of Tourism and a wide range of experts, and I've made my decision – we will terminate the certification of apartments law. My expert team is working on this decision, when it is done I'll sign it and we will solve the dilemma about these certificates."

None of which makes the foreign owners who have already paid for an energy certificate feel any less cross.

The official website is at http://energetski-certifikat.info/support.html

The cost for an energy certificate is around £250 -£500 for properties up to 250m². (The price increases by size so for example for a house of 400m² the price would be closer to £700.)

These prices also increase if you do not have architectural drawings of your house as these are required to make the calculations. These can be produced at an extra cost of 30 Kuna per square metre. You will be expected to produce reports of last 36 months of expenditure of your water and electricity to help with the calculation. This is more that showing the actual bills you need to ask specifically for an IZVJEŠCE or a report from your utility company for the period in question.

For water - Izvješće o potrosku vode u zadnje tri godine
For electricity - Izvješće o utrošku struje u zadnje tri godine

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