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Now is the time to get your house looking good for the 2014 summer season (if you plan to apply for your rental licence this winter then it could make sense to buy all the necessary items and ship them across in time for your inspection). Furniture purchase has always caused me a problem in Croatia, nothing antique seems to exist and the new stuff (mostly Italian imports) seems much more expensive than prices back home.

Of course, with EU entry, anyone driving from their home EU country will have no problem driving across the border with a van of the necessities that you need for your house (have a copy of your purchase contract with you just in case!). I have done it a few times over the years, taking around 24 hours of driving time from a French port to Dalmatia. The cost over 3 days of van hire, diesel, Austrian and Slovenian tolls and hotel accommodation amounts to quite an expensive enterprise and driving non-stop for eight hours for three successive days is not the most fun I have ever encountered.

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Click to enlargeThe alternative is to ship what you need on pallets from your home town to your home in Croatia. It is impossible to state what each individual quote will involve but, as an example, for a single full pallet from London to Istria, the price would be around 600 Euros (+PDV), which is cheaper than the DIY route.

It is fairly easy to pick up an old pallet and it is your responsibility to pack it safely and securely and wrap it in strong film or foil (do not include valuables and follow the common sense guidelines for restricted goods at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/customs/banned-restricted.htm). For efficiency and cost saving, if more than one person from a specific location (either in home country or Croatia) can organise a number of pick-ups, then discounts can be made. If you know fellow property owners in your town who may also be interested please contact them and ask them to apply for a quote at the same time as you.

Click to enlargeThe weight and dimension restriction will be explained in greater detail on application.

The lorry will deliver the pallet to the door, but the driver will not unpack the pallet and carry it through the front door of the property, you or your representative need to be there to sign for receipt of the pallet.

The minimum pick up is one pallet and if access to your property in Croatia is not gained then the pallet will go back to Zagreb and into storage and the onus will then be on you to go and collect it. Storage charges will apply and will depend on the size of pallet and the duration of storage. You will need to allow 10 days from collection to delivery (when I booked my pallet I made sure that I was there at both ends of the journey to avoid problems).

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