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  • September 2014
    European Coastal Airlines is ready to expand its scheduled seaplane service along the Croatian Adriatic coast. It has taken well over a decade to secure the individual licences, planning consents, harbourmaster permits and coastal business concessions from each of the proposed.... Read the full article

  • August 2014
    Northern Ireland, Malta, Scotland, Iceland and Morocco are about to be joined by Croatia. No, it is not some new international political union, these are the countries which provide the settings for the TV series Game of Thrones. Šibenik, 60km northwest of Split, is the latest location.... Read the full article

  • July 2014
    The Croatian football team's entourage will not have a great deal of interest in the quarter-finals of the world cup, their team having been knocked out of the tournament after just three matches. But at least Croatia managed to score half a dozen goals, actually winning one of the matches.... Read the full article

  • June 2014
    It was not just in Britain that the European elections were expected to bring out the not-me voters in force. Fringe parties across the EU were forecast to benefit from electorates' disenchantment with the mainstream establishment. In Croatia it was no different, even though it was the second.... Read the full article

  • May 2014
    The village of Smilja in the Lika region has a population of just 400. It also has a museum, a memorial to a man born there who had such an impact on late-19th-century electrical engineering that the SI unit of magnetic flux density is named after him. Today the name of Tesla is.... Read the full article

  • April 2014
    "Economic conditions remain very difficult, with real GDP [gross domestic product] projected to contract for the 6th consecutive year in 2014. Fiscal policy has run out of space, while monetary policy is constrained by the need to prevent a contractionary revaluation of foreign .... Read the full article

  • March 2014
    If Croatians were under the impression that EU membership would confer an instant and dramatic economic recovery upon the country they must by now have realised their error. Whatever the benefits of the union - and they are many - they do not include an economic magic wand .... Read the full article

  • February 2014
    Boris Vujcic, the governor of the Croatian National Bank, insisted earlier this month that his country does not need a financial bailout. He hedged his bets slightly though, conceding that "asking for an EU/IMF help programme is always an option but is not on the cards now .... Read the full article

  • January 2014
    The Croatian media gleefully report that President Ivo Josipovic has sent a hundred-metre-long Christmas card to the European Union. It was designed by artist Petar Dugandžic and completed by children across the country. Investigative journalists are still trying .... Read the full article

  • December 2013
    Following a meeting of the Hrvatska Narodna Banka board in November the central bank published a press release summarising its view of the Croatian economy. Its assessment was not unreservedly positive. The "mild recovery in the second quarter" of 2013 and "more favourable .... Read the full article

  • November 2013
    Little more than four months after joining the European Union Croatia is discovering that membership carries responsibilities as well as rewards.  Eurostat, Brussels' statistical agency, notes in a recent report that Croatia's budget deficit peaked two years ago, at 7.8% of gross .... Read the full article

  • October 2013
    Croatia has been having a tricky time recently on the financial front. Ratings agency Fitch cut the country's long-term rating to BB+, one tier below investment grade and one step into the "junk" zone. All three of the major agencies now have similar ratings for Croatian sovereign debt .... Read the full article

  • September 2013
    A Croatian cricket team has recently been playing in the South Pacific Cook Islands. If that sounds improbable it is only fair to point out that the full name of the team is New Zealand Croatia. It is composed of New Zealand cricketers of Croatian origin. Surprisingly, cricket was first played .... Read the full article

  • August 2013
    Fancy a Forcebook UltraPhone 40? It has, among other features, a 4" screen, a 1GHz processor and dual Sim capability. Croatia's HG Spot Informatika is producing it and the media headline reads; "First smartphone made in Croatia". That description is not strictly accurate .... Read the full article

  • July 2013
    Croatia's path to membership of the European Union was a tortuous one, punctuated and delayed by armed conflict, French protectionism, fugitive generals, border disputes, fisheries protection zones, shipbuilding subsidies, bank failures and all manner of bureaucratic .... Read the full article

  • June 2013
    With only days to go now before Croatia accedes to the European Union the two daily flights between Zagreb and Brussels will be operating at close to maximum capacity. Neven Mimica, Croatia's deputy prime minister, was on the 06:20 earlier this week on his way to an interview .... Read the full article

  • May 2013
    Enthusiasm among Croatians for the European parliament is apparently at an
    even lower ebb than it is in Britain and they aren't even members of the
    union yet. Two and a half months ahead of Croatia's accession to the EU the
    country went to the polls to select the folk .... Read the full article

  • April 2013
    It has taken a decade to get there but at last, as far as the European Commission is concerned, Croatia is "ready to join the EU". The final monitoring report noted that Croatia "has completed the ten priority actions identified in the previous report in October" and just about everything .... Read the full article

  • March 2013
    "Economic conditions have deteriorated lately, reflecting weak external demand, private sector debt reduction, and lack of business and consumer confidence." That was the opening sentence of a report by a team from the International Monetary Fund after its visit to Zagreb .... Read the full article

  • February 2013
    Tourists go to Croatia for different reasons. Sometimes they are drawn by the sparkling Adriatic, with others it is the tranquillity of the mountain waterfalls and mists. For one Belgian woman it was a black box. Having set her GPS navigator for an 80m trip she left home .... Read the full article

  • January 2013
    It isn't just Britain that has been feeling the bite of winter winds. From the Black Sea to the Mediterranean early snow has disrupted travel and made outdoor life miserable. Croatia has endured its worst winter storm since 1955 ....
    Read the full article

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