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When you buy the How to obtain a Croatian Rental Licence: A guide to Renting out a Croatian property for non-Croatian nationals, post EU membership book, there are additional free online resources available. The book explains how to access them:

Croatia Rental Licence Updates: Whilst every effort has been made to make the above book as upto date as possible, new information will become available and we shall learn new "local knowledge" about individual Opcina and Tourist Inspectors. These emails will go out as information comes in, please help the process by sharing your experience.

Templates: In the book I have produced a number of templates that you as a property owner will need from the start to finish of the rental process in Croatia. Here you can download them and personalise them to fit your own property.

Useful Online Resources: The book includes many hard to find links that will help you rent legally in Croatia; here there are all live links to save you having to retype the links into your browser.

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When you purchase the book you will receive a confirmation email telling you the 12-digit code that will allow access to this section.

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