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Welcome to our extensive range of property listings, which you can browse using the links at the bottom of this page, but first a little bit about us ...

Croatia Holiday and Home is not an Estate Agency.

However, either through my own transactions or through testimonials from my clients I have a network of estate agents who have a track record of selling clean title to non-Croats.

These are the most critical factors as you can waste a lot of time and money dealing with rogue agents or title without clean ownership.

When searching for an Estate Agent you should look for a registered real estate company.

This means they are:

  • Registered as a "Nekretnine" (Croatian company offering an Estate Agency service) under a name ending with the symbol d.o.o.

  • They will also be registered with the local Chamber of Economy.

  • Their charges for viewing and sales commission will be readily available.

  • They should invest time in checking the title of properties before listing them.

  • They should have a track record of having successfully sold to non-Croatians.


These approved agents advertise on my website, thus on my website there are not hundreds of properties for sale but they do have the advantage of being purchasable.

Obviously the agents have other properties on their books which they do not send to me-so if you have a specific region in mind covered by one of my approved agents I can put you in touch for an appointment.

This system should produce the pick of current properties available from all over Croatia, and from the most trustworthy agents and consultants.

Properties that fit the above criteria are listed on the following pages.

If you are ever unhappy with the service provided by these agents please let me know at

Please note:

Whilst every attempt has been made to verify the working practices of the agents and consultants who advertise on these pages - you should exercise diligence and care in any negotiations. Croatia is an emerging market, with business practices to some extent evolving with the pace of business, so events are changing all the time.

Information on this website should not be construed as professional financial advice or recommendations.


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